In this lesson required to Design a border background, including matching buttons and divider. So I made the background image, button and divider with the help of font. I used gold fill and diamond fill pattern to design it.

My background image size is 1200 pixels and side border image is around 230 pixels.

I made transperent gif file with 230x10 pixels. I am glad that I joined this group. I learned many new things specially color-cordination. Till now I used to select the favorite colors and used to make a web design but now I know how to pick colors from the pic/pattern and how to make matching design, button, divider etc. Thanks Julie for your nice tutorials.

Click here to see the page which is not using tranperent gif.

It was love that made Himself sacrificial lamb
It was love that He shed even the last drop of His blood
The precious, blameless and pure blood
He shed on the cruel cross…
Just because He loved us
Just because He wanted to save us
Yes, He wanted to save us from hell fire