The font that I have used on this page is called "LokiCola".


I used this font and overlaid it with preset so that it should give an effect like diamond overlayed text which matches well with wedding graphics".

If you do not have this font installed on your computer you will not be able to view the page as it should, instead your font size would look bigger than it's normal size. So I have made it available for download Here.

Elegant mirror tutorial could be found here Diamond overlaid text tut could be found here

This is just one way of using fonts on webpages is to just download the font and install it in the machine so that text should appear normal.

Another way is to make an image and upload it in web pages. You can see the welcome text on title graphics it gives an idea that how this font looks like. But if you use this method with whole page to show text it would take much time to load the page. So this method is not advisable.

click Here to see a page which uses an image with the font I have used.