Grand Finale

Assignment was:

Grand Finale is going to consist of 4 - 5 pages (no less!)
And based on a "theme" of your choice. This can be anything your heart desires...
We suggest using the same design for all pages.

My hobbies are various. I love to do PSP (graphics designing), web designing apart from this aquarium, koi pond, gardening, crafts etc. are the facinating hobbies of my choice.

I love to read "True life stories" and Bible related things. So for this final lesson I've chosen a theme "Real Life Stories". I hope that these facinating life stories will bring thrill and joy into your life too.

The Grand Finale MUST include all of the following
  • Coloured Scrollbars on all Pages
  • 1 Applet
  • 1 Trailing Mouse/Cursor
  • Navigation on all Pages
  • Dividers to separate your content
  • At least one banner leading to an offsite page
    And Finally Either 1 Image Map OR 1 Image Slice which can be linked or unlinked.

    Click on this image map to read stories.